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SWErdnase Park will be open to the public. The grounds will house an entry way that will lead to the historical nine cell marker. This marker was discovered through it’s relation to the historical Benjamin Franklin Cobb crypt located in the Albany Cemetery. The grounds will feature a replica historical house that will be constructed, built and furnished similar to the 1880s to 1902 time period. This facility will be open to the public and will house a Bed and Breakfast. This building will also house a library containing books to the period, a study for guests to relive the time period, a gift shop and a small theater for the entertainment arts, which will specialize in vaudeville type performances. 

The park will feature markers and information plaques that will detail the historical clues that let to the discovery of the treasure trove that is located in the center of the park. It is anticipated that this treasure trove will contain artifacts from around the world. It is also anticipated that this discovery will generate world-wide news and recognition. As the treasure trove is excavated, additional details of the clues that led to the discovery will be formally revealed. The trail to the discovery spans multiple centuries and is anticipated to enrich the current understanding of famous authors, poets, doctors, judges and prominent families that have significant ties to this area. 

We believe that the SWErdnase Park and treasure trove will revitalize the area, give it international acclaim and will generate significant funds for community projects and community grants for local, regional and statewide revitalization.

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​​120 Spring Street Rd, Watervliet, N.Y.
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